Smart Grid Regional Program and Electric Vehicles Infrastructure Plan.

Presented to Eng Miguel Cordero (PREPA) Year: 2009

Description: Research to demonstrate and develop a road map to identify the smart grid architecture that is necessary for our island’s electrical grid.

CHP: Increasing the Overall Efficiency.

Presented to the 2nd Renewable Energy Convention in PR Convention Center Year: 2009

Description: Keynote speaker presentation to educate students and facility managers on the a0dvantages of distributed generation (DGs).

PV Systems on landfills

Presented to Mayor O’neil and staff at the Guaynabo City hall
Year: 2013

Description: High level feasibility study for the use of landfills as green energy power plants. Presented a preliminary design for 17,000 PV modules to develop a hybrid system by integrating US EPA’s Landfill Methane Outreach Program (LMOP) to include CHP electrical generation that later could be described as the first microgrid project of this kind on the Caribbean.

Blockchain: Repurpose Heat from ASIC Miners.

R&D Project Year: 2022

Description: Through the use of dielectric fluid and specialized heat exchanger we managed to heat water while overclocking the ASIC units 10% at a comfortable temperature o0f 70 deg Celsius on hash boards. Since mining process is energy intensive, the operation runs on solar & battery energy to offset the high c2ost of energy from the utility.

Also we added a BTC node to maintain the integrity of blockchain transactions. Miners run intermittent to ensure cost effectiveness by using solar power and node runs 24/7.