We are a single firm that manages, coordinates and deliver all phases of a construction project. We serve our clients with the following solutions:


Electric Systems Design

Visualize a safe & efficient power system for new or existing structures, whether connected to the grid or off-grid.

Electrical Construction Outsourcing

Finish your project on time with more resources. We provide professional and attentive technical staff to help you with those tight schedules.

Telecom Design

Create the necessary information & communications technology pathways to automate and control your building effortlessly and in a cost-effective manner.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Reduce electrical related conflicts or delays on new projects. Create an as-built that can show the true potential of the existing electrical and technology systems.

Energy M&V

Measure, monitor, analyze and manage energy usage to achieve savings, and to meet code compliance and building efficiency standards such as LEED, Energy Star and ASHRAE 90.1.

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Whether is equipment sale, installation, or services we can help you to achieve total control of your power generation needs and give you peace of mind over, high and sometimes unstable, energy prices.

We are committed to being the most innovative provider of solutions for the commercial electric industry.