Deya Building

Existing warehouse and office building modernized. Energy consumption was reduced to more than 30% of what they consumed in their old facilities.

Commsense Building

Existing PRIDCO building remodeled for a call center with modern Data Center.

Res Barron

11 bedroom abandoned guest house, remodeled for high efficiency residence with windows with solar filter, high efficiency air conditioners and LED lighting.

What our clients say about us:

We have worked with Elementz Energy Corp in various projects: Commsense, Aguadilla; Rem. Edificio 1429, Ave. Fernández Juncos; Parque Acuátic, Cabo Rojo; Expansión Nuevas Facilidades Link Active, Guaynabo. It’s performance has been excellent and it’s work of great quality. That’s why we give our recommendation for future works.

Homar Hernández

AAIA, Abacus Architecture